What Sherwood Does to Encourage Attendance

Last month, the Pendleton School District focused on attendance. The district-wide goal for attendance is 94%, while Sherwood Heights Elementary currently has a 95% rate.

According to Lisa Roberts, Child Development Specialist at Sherwood:

We are doing several things at Sherwood Elementary to encourage good attendance.

  • We sent home an Attendance Tracker Sheet at the beginning of the year, for families to use at home
  • Roberts meets with our Attendance and Tribal Liaisons twice a month to review attendance reports
  • We make phone calls, home visits, send letters, and sometimes schedule CARE Team meetings to support attendance
  • We have an Everyday Matters Classroom chart, when it’s filled up I will bring the classroom ice cream for a celebration
  • We will also be giving out Attendance Award Certificates for students with 95% or better attendance at our Awards Assemblies

Everyday Matters at Sherwood.

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