Mr. Campbell - Fourth Grade

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Mr. Jason Campbell

Mega Sites

General Information/Animal Research


  • MiniClip Brain-Training
  • Bloxorz - move through levelsby flopping and rolling your rectangular prism through a course.
  • Switchzoo- Combine and blend different animals to create a multitude of new creatures. Then name your creation, write a story about it, and print.
  • Prongo - Games, quizzes, mazes, etc. at levels from age 3 through 12.
  • Lego Star Wars game

Individual Skills Sites

Language Arts


Number & Logic Sites

  • Powerlines - a wonderfully challenging set of 3 levels of number logic puzzles.
  • Sudoku - The crazy number puzzles that are in the newspaper with 9 blocks of 9 numbers...
  • Logic Puzzles at MathPlayground.
  • Algebraic ReasoningScales at MathPlayground.

Science/Social Studies

Web Cams

  • Old Faithful image: screenshot of Old Faithful - Webcam and Livestreaming video available for this natural wonder!
  • Mt. St. Helens -Webcam for this incredible volcano in Washington state. It updates automatically every minute. High definition camera image.
  • Augustine Volcano - Site with 2 webcams for this Alaskan island volcano. They update every 30 minutes.
  • Alaska Volcano webcams
  • Africam - Live animals at a water hole in South Africa.