Sherwood's Siblings in the Spotlight


Angela Johnston nominated Alyssa and Richard Oertwich as recipients of the outstanding Native American student awards presented during the month of November.  Staff at Sherwood, chose to honor these two students above all the others nominated.  We are proud of these great kids that are not only wonderful students but model citizens.  The following is what was written by the specialist that nominated the siblings.

Alyssa Oertwich is an exemplary young person that is a model of perseverance and positive attitude. She is genuinely kind and truly cares about others, their needs, and their feelings. She gives up her recesses and free time to join friendship groups of those whom are struggling and is a warm and welcoming face to those who may feel alone. She faces the challenge of academics head on and continues to work through her unique learning abilities. She is always willing to lend a hand and helps in all capacities without being asked. When recognized and initially nominated, characteristics were listed to try to sum up the Alyssa that embodies the fundamental nature of the “Golden Spur”. Upon revisiting the list that spans from compassion to joy to trustworthiness, it is not an easy task to simply state the reasons as to why Alyssa was nominated. A student like Alyssa is the reason a teacher continues to teach.

Richard Oertwich is a practical and hard-working student that has taken accountability for his education. His attendance has significantly improved, along with his pride in his work and in himself. He has shown a true happiness for learning through his career at Sherwood, even though it has not always been easy. He now offers advice to those that face challenges and is a paradigm of fairness and cooperation. When describing good character, Richard sets the standard for doing what is right even when no one is looking. Every staff member and student at Sherwood can rely on Richard to remain steadfast in a storm, generous in times of need, and loyal when the world seems to have turned its back. Any community to which Richard belongs is lucky to have this honorable young man.